10 Stunning Features To Consider For Your Custom Home Design

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10 Stunning Features To Consider For Your Custom Home Design

When you start saving up for a house, or start to consider the possibility of a mortgage, the first thing that comes to mind is whether you want your home to be an extension of your personality and your creativity, or whether you want one from the same cookie cutter that has been active in the city since you last wished for a home. And trust us, nine times out of ten, the custom, personalized home makes more sense, since this is where you will live, where people will come to meet you, and one of the big assets that you will strive for in your life. 

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Making a decision like going for a custom home design comes with its own set of sub-decisions to make. For instance, what custom home features do you want to headline your shiny new abode? Do you want something that is completely new and bedazzles your guest, or do you want a common feature that is then jazzed up and dialed up to an 11? In this blog post, we’ll look at the top ten stunning features you should consider for your custom home design. 

From features that are luxurious and give your custom home an air of affluence and opulence to regular features that are then jazzed up to present a completely amazing outlook, these ten features will make your custom home the flashiest home in the suburb and make it the talk of the town. Let’s start by listing off and discussing in detail these ten custom home features. 

The Best Custom Home Features to Include in your Abode

These custom home features might sound and read expensive, but trust us, when it comes to the humble abode, the more the merrier. In fact, these features will make your home more livable, will provide you with more utility and for people who like to host parties, will make their entire home the ultimate party trick in itself. 

Outdoor oasis/ sauna

With a custom home design, nothing can be considered too far-fetched, and if you are willing to invest in a home that you can feel excited to walk into, here’s our first suggestion or custom home feature to include: an outdoor oasis, pool or sauna. For Canada, we’d recommend something small and sheltered that can give you the feel of a sauna. Pools in homes are becoming more and more common, but with a custom design, you can get rid of a generic pool and make it so that your home looks to be equipped with an outdoor oasis of relaxation and enjoyment. 

Include a home gym/ fitness room

Fitness is all the rage now. Gyms are busier than ever before, and frankly, for some, too expensive. How about your own home gym or fitness room? Everybody who’s ever been to a gym has at one point thought of getting their own home gym, complete with machines, weights and all sorts of things to keep you in shape. Building a custom home can give you the freedom to include a room that is dedicated to fitness, solely. Include a home gym in your home and ease up your life by eliminating the need to pay and travel to a gym on a daily basis. 

Create a custom walk-in master closet

Closets are something that you can live without, obviously. And more and more homes are incorporating walk-in closets that provide you a good space for all your clothes and belongings as well as giving you a private room enough to change. A custom walk-in closet can be that necessary feature that you can then amp up to an 11 by adding in more features, giving it the size of a walk-in closet and making it so that the master closet looks like something that Bruce Wayne would use. Just make sure you have ample clothes in there that match the decadence around them. 

Invest in smart home technology

Smart home technology is a new feature that uses IoT or internet of things to connect the home and its many appliances around a single network, and putting control of all electronic features and appliances into the hands of the user. That would be you. From lighting to electric blinds to the central heating or cooling, not to mention appliances like washers, dryers or even vacuums (Rhoombas) can be controlled remotely or connected to a device that can run them based on how you want things to be around you. While it sounds far-fetched and futuristic, many modern homes have incredible smart home technology that you can have as well when you custom design your home with amazing custom features. 

Look for exotic/ feel-good materials

Quartz or expensive marble counters and countertops can make all the difference in sprucing up the quality and feel of the custom home. By investing in such exotic or feel-good materials, you can make sure that your home, even if you want to keep it simple, exudes an air and feel of luxuriousness as well as add to the visually striking element of it. Making it snazzy is easy with such materials. 

Built-in shelves are a great idea

Shelves, shelves, shelves. Much like closets, you cant live without them, obviously. Rather than going out and buying chests, almirahs and whatnot to make some space for stuff in your custom home, why not integrate shelves in the design and the build of the house? Isn’t that a great idea? Built-in shelves, aside from their practicality, also look incredibly classy and uplift the look of a room and the entire house. Do make sure you include built-in shelves for your custom home. 

A home theatre

If you have money you are willing to spend to make your home the ultimate in abodes, consider a home theatre. Just think of it: the next time your favourite movie comes out, or the latest in horror flicks makes great reviews, invite a couple of friends and bedazzle them with your home theatre that has the latest in both TV screens and audio options. Absolutely immersive and luxurious. 

Heated floors can be an absolute blessing 

In Canada, or for that matter, any other cold country, floors can be a real menace, especially when its incredibly cold outside and you step out from your comfy bed. In tandem with the smart home feature, you can also include heated floors. Trust us: you’ll wonder how you lived before them once those roaring Canadian winters come a-knocking and giving your internal heating system a run for its money. 

Give your bathrooms the spa treatment

Many of us like to take long showers, washing off the tiredness from us. Its also the place where you groom yourself and make yourself look perfect for the day. Which is why, as a luxury feature, you can give your bathroom the spa treatment, and make them big enough and fill them with equipment that can turn your ordinary shower into a holistic place of kicking back, relaxing and letting your worries aside when you enter the tranquil spa. 

Include room for ‘flexible spaces

Whether it’s the game room you’ve always wanted, or a den for you to smoke cigars and read books in, its always smart to leave room for what is called ‘flexible spaces’. These could be rooms or spaces that might be required once you start a family, or something that you would want down the road. Include space for these rooms and watch as your ideal home and abode shapes up in front of you. 

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