5 Renowned Architectural Styles for your Home

Deciding to build a custom home allows you to control every detail of the house completely. You can make your dream home according to your desires and needs. However, before you contact a custom home builder, you need to decide which architectural style will be best for your dream home, considering your existing and future needs.

Your decision will consider the beauty of your custom home design that must be aesthetically pleasing and satisfying. The architectural style is based on many factors, such as the place you wish to build the house and its climate, surrounding or neighboring, and much more. Deciding on the right architectural design is always a challenge as you need to narrow down from a lot of choices. The following article will help you take a look at the most popular architectural styles for custom homes.



The colonial architectural style is one of the ancient home styles but still has popularity in many states. They retain a large number of design options, such as Spanish Colonial or French Colonial.

You may have seen a lot of Colonial-style homes with unique, eye-catching structures, designs, and qualities. These homes mostly consist of two stories with living rooms on the first floor and bedrooms on the second. You can customize the design according to your preferences and desires. Most of the colonial house has a staircase as the focal point of the house as it’s the first thing people look at when they enter the house.


Cape Cod

Cape Cod is an antique and classic homestyle, usually famous for bearing the harsh weather. Cape Cod is named after its region of origin and is mostly made of oak and pine. These woods are readily available and retain a high potential to resist harsh winter. Homes with Cape Cod style have a central chimney and low roofs to preserve the inside heat and avoid snow.

Cape Cod home style has variations as a half cape, three-quarter cape, and the full cape. The half cape home style is one of the earliest versions, with the front door on one side and windows on the other. Time flies, and the half cape is converted into a three-quarter cape with the front door on the side with windows. In the modern era, the full cape homestyle is the common variation with a central front door and symmetrical windows.



The farmhouse is a famous architectural style that provides a classic look. It originated in the 17th century when people built their houses on agricultural lands and named farmhouses. With time, farmhouses upgraded to stylish despite being in the agricultural lands and are rich with indelible features.

The outdoor porches are the crucial feature of any farmhouse as the owners work all day in the field and need shade for rest during the hot summer days. In the past, there was not enough availability of resources, so they were made of mud. However, they are now made of wood in an aesthetically pleasing way, whose exteriors are simple and flat, and interiors contain a stunning modern taste of a farmhouse.



In the 20th century, the innovation of construction was at its peak, and it gave birth to the modern architectural style. It includes a flat roof and geometric residence with an open and immense floor plan. People love this style because of its solid white walls with an unignorable texture that reflects the beauty of home far from it. It consists of various materials such as glass, steel, and concrete to provide invincible exterior and interior features.

The modern architectural style upholds traditional architecture and retains historical art aspects to enhance the magnificence. Modern architecture stands firmly against the harsh winter as well as fits in the moderate climate. It inspires architects to design homes without partitions.



The Mediterranean architectural style is the most popular home style and is admired due to its excellent combination of indoor and outdoor living. Mediterranean homestyle is expensive and mainly popular among the exclusive communities having grand estates and villas.

The Spanish and Italian Renaissance cultures inspired the Mediterranean style reflected by geometric details and the decoration of Mediterranean homes. These houses are satisfactorily pleasing and comfortable with low pitched roofs, fancy balconies, wrought iron windows, and invincible exteriors. Mediterranean-style homes aim to provide premium living space to the owners and make their life enjoyable. The lively color palette, construction art, and patterned tiles enhance the attraction of viewers to the house.


Final Thoughts

Deciding the architectural style is one of the fundamental factors of building a home. Based on your needs, desires, and space, you can choose one of the above-mentioned homestyle and start making a floor plan that’s perfectly according to your dream house.


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