How Much Does a Custom Home Cost in Ontario?

custom homes

Custom homes represent the real estate industry at its best, in the sense that with custom designs and free reign over each and every aspect of the construction, the home comes out looking like the exact thing that the homeowner envisions for their dream house. Whether it’s a townhouse, a luxury cottage or a regular house in the suburbs, custom houses bring dreams to reality by using the homeowner’s idea and some concrete, wood and mortar. However, as you might know, one of the inherent issues with custom homes is the fact that they cost too much, as opposed to pre-built homes. 

However, is that really the case? Is the difference between the two worth it: living in your dream home versus living in a home that has ‘run-of-the-mill’ written over everything. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the custom home cost in Ontario and which factors affect the cost of a custom home. 

Starting with the factors that govern the pricing of a custom home, lets decipher the cost of a custom home in Ontario and understand if it really is worth it or are custom homes a luxury only to be realized when you strike it rich. 

Custom Home Cost in Ontario: The Factors

custom homes

There are many factors that will determine the price of a custom homes in Ontario. These factors go both ways: keeping the cost in check or letting the bills rack, its upto you. Lets take a deeper look into these factors. 


Size as a factor in determining the cost of your custom home in Ontario is an obvious factor. The larger the size of your custom home, the more it is going to cost. That is an obvious one, regardless of location and how much land you have. However, one of the important and interesting things about size is that it is usually considered in horizontal terms, in the sense of how much land or real estate it covers. What people tend to forget is that with custom homes, vertical space and height is also something that affects the pricing and the overall cost of a custom home. Understand that ceiling height and interior volume plays an important role in determining the price of the home, and should you go with heightened ceilings and more interior volume, you will have to pay for more materials, more paneling and should you require interior planning, get ready to shell out more for planning the interior with so much vertical interior space.

Architectural design

Another obvious one that is actually borrowed from the difference between custom and pre-built homes. You see, even in custom homes, keeping the design simple, conventional and in easy terms, classical, will cost you less. Many people opt for this and instead go for furnishings and design elements that subtly change the feel of the interior and the façade of the home. On the other hand, with custom designs, the canvas is essentially blank, and the only limits are financial and imagination constraints. Which means that you can have some ridiculous designs churned out in the form of your home. Now, obviously, with a simple design, it costs way less. And should you go with a gaudy, loaded design that factors in appearance and aesthetic before anything else, be prepared for a big bill. 

Material quality

Another factor that plays in determining the price of the custom home is the material quality. Obviously, you will need more materials than a pre-built home owing to the nature of the building and the size and dimensions of the home, but here’s the thing. With custom homes, nothing is by the books, and everything is up to the homeowner. And for most people, the materials are where it boils down to. Regardless of where the house is located, if you don’t feel good living inside it, it’s of no use to you. It beats the purpose of having a custom-designed home. Therefore, people tend to spend the most on quality materials, which then drives up the price of the home. Consider this: a granite countertop is anywhere between CAD 60 to CAD 120 per square foot. With a custom home, people tend to go for more ornate and luxurious options, with the popular choice being Calacatta marble, which will cost you around CAD 180 per square foot. And that is just the kitchen: with several other options and rooms to fill in, you can imagine just how much cost you can rack up with high quality materials throughout the house. 

Luxurious touches

What’s a custom home without a ridiculous, gaudy, in-your-face feature that becomes the main attraction for the visiting guests? This is essentially an extra, but an extra that comes with the custom home and that most people opt for. From basement wine cellars to outdoor kitchens and even wet bars in the house, with custom homes, there are no limits to what you can fit in the home. And this is where cost can really balloon. Keep tight on the luxurious additions and options, and you will have a reasonably priced custom home on your hand. Go crazy with the luxurious features and additions and suddenly you have a home that’s fit for the Malibu coastline or Los Angeles’ flashiest district. 

So, how much does a custom home cost in Ontario?

Besides the long list of factors that we’ve just outlined, the base cost of a custom home in Ontario is something that isn’t too much. Without the additions and sticking to an average cost, expect it to be anywhere from CAD 400 to CAD 600 per square foot. When you factor in the location (that will determine the price of the land), the construction, the design and the materials, you can run to some incredible costs. However, with a simple custom home design that doesn’t push the envelope too far and sticks to the basics, albeit with some personalized touches, it isn’t too expensive, and can be a relatively better option for people looking for a personalized home that corresponds to their design ideas but doesn’t burn a hole in their wallet. All in all, custom homes are slightly expensive, but represent a good living option as well as a great avenue for investment. 

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