How to choose the right architect for your custom home?

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How to choose the right architect for your custom home?

When you are ready to go for your own home, many people decide on a custom home, since it provides a level of luxury and personalization that prefabricated homes just can’t offer. And while there are many advantages and merits to having a custom home, one of the few downsides is the incredible cost that is associated with designing a custom home, which includes the hefty fee of commissioning an architect to design for you your custom home. However, not every architect will do: after all, this is your dream home, and you don’t want a wannabe or a freshman to practice their craft on your hard-earned money. Which is why, in this blog post, we will walk you through how you can choose the best architect for your custom home

custom home builder

From residential architects to custom home architects who specialize in providing exceptional services and to include every niche request or idea you might have for your custom home, choosing an architect can be a handful, but not with this guide. Let’s get started on choosing the best custom home architect for your dream home that comes out looking like an absolute dream. 

Choosing the best architect for custom home designing

While you can find many firms that provide architectural services for designing a custom home, its usually better to have a big-name architect do it on their own. It’s usually more cost-effective that way and allows for more creative input from your side. Let’s look at how to choose the best architect for custom homes. 

Know what you want

Before we actually get into the process of shortlisting a candidate for the custom home architect, here’s a good idea: you need to know exactly what you want out of your custom home. Whether you want a home that has a snazzy, new-age design that defines trends and becomes a sort of trendmaker, or whether you want a tried-and -tested design with a host of amenities and extras in the design, all of which the architect has to know beforehand. Your type, your preferences and your design choices will significantly impact your available choices for a custom home architect, and therefore, it is imperative that you have a clear roadmap for what you are looking to get out of the custom home. This way, your search will be made a lot easier and will be able to zero in on the perfect candidate in no time at all. 

Ask around for referrals

For starting your search, you can start by the oldest and frankly the best strategy out of them all: the word-of-mouth. Many acquaintances and friends will be able to sketch you out a picture of how the architectural landscape looks, and which individual or firm you need to look for when selecting one for your custom home. Soon enough, you’ll have a document full of names and addresses that will help you get an initial understanding of the design houses and architectural firms around you. Once again, mentioning just exactly what you are looking for in terms of custom home architects will help you get a better pool of candidates and firms to choose from in these initial steps. 

Research and shortlist potential finalists

Once you have your list with you, sit down and start some research. Even most freelance architects have websites or portfolios of their designs, and many firms now even offer virtual walkarounds of the buildings or projects they’ve spearheaded. This research phase is arguably the most important one of them all: this is because this phase will help you get the irrelevant or unfeasible ones out of the way and will leave you with a handful of architects and firms that are more suitable for you and your custom home project than anybody else. Shortlist these candidates and then, it’ll be time for you to proceed onto the next step, which is again, very important in getting you the best possible option for your requirements. 

Have a sit-down

Not the organized crime way, mind you. A sit-down in this context is essentially you scheduling a meeting with the architects or the firms you might have shortlisted for the custom home design job. This meeting will help you understand the ideas, the design inspirations and the services that a finalist is willing to provide you with. They might even grant you a peek into their current projects, and you could benefit a lot by interacting with the potential architect who ends up designing the custom, dream for you. Many people tend to skip this part and go straight towards inquiring for their quotes for a custom home. While you do need to ask for quotes, its important to actually meet the individual or the firm behind the designs and understand what their strengths are and what they will bring to the table. 

Compare offerings and services

After a long day of meeting your potential finalists, the job isn’t done just yet. It’s now time for you to sit down and break out your pad that you took with you to note down what each firm or architect offered you. Everything from quotes, extras offered, amenities, and their timelines offered need to be on the comparison table. It’s here where you essentially make the final decision: take into account everything and keep your budget in the background. Remember: you need to get the best possible option out of the entirety of the table and expect to spend top dollar. After all, it’s going to be a dream custom home, and you want the best possible everything for it to come out looking like an absolute dream. 

Be open about your budget

Once you have a firm or architect finalized, its imperative that you be open with them on your budget and your requirements, including any amenities or extras you might have for the plan of custom home design. However, the primary requirement is budgetary requirements or constraints, if any. The architect needs to know the exact budget or a ballpark estimate at the very least about how much you might be looking to spend. 

Decide on one and don’t look back!

Made your decision? Then its time to stick with it! Many people tend to get double-minded about the decision they make. However, once you have finalized an architect or an architectural firm, its important to not look back or start doting on other options. Sticking with it will help you move on to the next step of the entire process, which is actually helping with the design of the custom home. 

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